Oct 6, 2009

5th post... Filing an Appeal

This page was created to answer those who have asked whether we've considered filing an appeal. Following the jury's verdict--that by law Anthony had been "identified" (even if through a corrupt, yet legal process)--our son was allowed 60 days within which to consider filing an appeal. We were involved in discussions regarding an appeal based on decisions made by Judge Baskin. One area of appeal related to a pre-trial probable cause ruling. Another area of appeal related to a pre-trial judgment which would not allow Anthony's attorney to question PHPD Chief Peter Dunbar, PHPD officers or others-in the jury's presence-regarding Escover's August, 2006 attempted car-jacking assault and what appeared to be favoritism afforded him following his arrest. Had Escover not been released from the Contra Costa County juvenile hall-with no charges filed-and had the PHPD followed through on lab tests for blood evidence on his clothing, we believe Escover would have remained incarcerated, not having the opportunity to strike again on January 4th, 2007, the attack for which the Pleasant Hill Police Department rushed to arrest and jail our son.
The jury could not be informed.

While discussing the appeal process and our options, Anthony received a letter from the City's outside legal counsel. Attorney Pete Edrington had been instructed by the City of Pleasant Hill to give Anthony an option. Within days he was to waive his right to appeal, otherwise the City would seek from him their costs and fees.. of five figures.


How much tax-payer money had representatives of the City of Pleasant Hill spent--over 2 & 1/2 years--defending the actions of the PHPD? Was this a matter of pay-whatever-it-takes to avoid being held accountable for the bungling disaster the Pleasant Hill Police Department created? The dollar amount compensated City Attorney Debra Margolis and outside legal counsel-Pete Edrington should be published.

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