Feb 6, 2010

6th post.. Monetary Costs

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Listed below...our out-of-pocket costs of approximately $35,000.00.. following the Pleasant Hill Police Department's handling of the unlawful actions of the son of our former mayor/ret. county sheriff's deputy, and our look-alike son's arrest, incarceration and aftermath.

No apology has been offered by the PHPD for their careless lack of effort, and inconceivable rush to judgment.
Nor have we been reimbursed one cent for these costs..


Criminal Defense Attorneys O'Malley and McKenna


Filing Claim Against the City/Attorney-Cardoza

Mediation costs


Court fees

Process Server charges

Jury fees

Medical Bills

Copies of Police Reports

Private Investigator

One Copy of Anthony's own Interrogation-- (The City of Pleasant Hill billed him over $100.00)

other miscellaneous costs..